Kylie Jenner shares TMI pic alluding to some private piercings (PHOTOS)

Kylie Jenner might have gotten some new accessories for her lady lumps.

The reality star, who’s only 17, teased a photo on Snapchat, alluding that she recently had her nipples pierced.

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“New jewelry in other secret areas,” Jenner captioned the photo. As if that wasn’t crystal clear enough, she also circled her boobs with red marks. It’s unclear if it’s just the jewelry that’s new or if she got the piercings to go with it, as well.

Jenner only posted the photo on Snapchat, which deletes after a certain amount of time, but that didn’t stop the news of her additional jewelry from leaking. Since Jenner’s sister, Kim Kardashian, is practically the reigning queen of social media, Jenner should know better than to post anything in regards to her lady lumps, even on Snapchat, without expecting the news to get out to the masses.

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According to People, Jenner also rocked a shirt that said “The Breast Coast,” complete with an “X” over her chest.

Of course, Jenner is no stranger to getting provocative on social media.

She got sexy during her recent swimsuit photo shoot.

She’s also not shy about showing off her booty, with her pants down and undies exposed.

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Still, we would all do well to remember that the young Jenner is underage. And whether underage or not, there are still some things that just shouldn’t be shared with the world.

Do you think Jenner took this Snapchat post too far?