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Adam Levine’s response to a rogue, adoring fan is so awkward (VIDEO)

Note to uber fans out there: Sneaking up behind your favorite celeb while he or she is belting out a hit song will not bode well for you.

So one fan discovered when she went too far during Maroon 5’s concert in Anaheim, California.

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After somehow sneaking on stage (uh, security fail?), the girl prances up behind band frontman, Adam Levine, and proceeds to wrap her arms around his neck.

The Voice coach was super startled by the interruption and even took a few steps back from the girl. In the video (below), you can see the two conversing before Levine awkwardly puts his arm around the fan, holding her until security comes to escort her away. Levine even gives her a little parting wave.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Levine wasn’t injured by the fan, save for a cut on his ear from her fingernail. But the whole experience was just kind of freaky.

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“It’s just weird to be, like, in the moment, ya know?” Levine said to the rest of the concert audience before continuing to the next song. “And you’re singing, and your eyes are closed, and you have this beautiful moment. And then the next thing you know, someone’s f***ing in your face. It’s super terrifying.”

As surprised as Levine clearly was by the interruption, he handled the whole situation awesomely.

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Of course, fans quickly took to Twitter to share all the details about the situation, making Levine look like even more of a stand-up guy for assessing the threat and then calmly waiting for security to arrive with the girl under his arm.

This isn’t the first concert mishap Levine has had in the last month. Back in March, he accidentally dropped his mic on a fan’s head. But his apology was so amazing, that sucky moment definitely became a lucky one because he brought the fan up on stage and definitely upgraded her seats.

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