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Jon Stewart has a message for all the Trevor Noah haters out there (VIDEO)

Trevor Noah has one more important person defending him against the naysayers: his Daily Show predecessor.

Jon Stewart opened The Daily Show last night by throwing his support squarely behind Noah, who has come under fire for making what some are calling racist and sexist jokes on Twitter several years ago.

Watch Jon Stewart defend Trevor Noah (NSFW language)

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“I know there was a large kerfuffle on Twitter, but I can say this, I think, without hesitation: Trevor Noah will earn your trust and respect… or not,” Stewart said. “Just as I earned your trust and respect… or did not. Or sometimes earned it and then lost it and then kind of got it back but then it was like, ‘F*** that guy,’ and then it was, ‘Oh that really was so stupid, I’m never… Oh! I hate him!’

“It kinda just goes that way,” he said of the court of public opinion. “The only thing I would say is, I do hope you give him an opportunity to earn that trust and respect, because my experience with him is that he is an incredibly thoughtful and considerate and funny and smart individual.

“Man, I think you give him that time and it’s gonna be well worth it,” Stewart said of Noah on The Daily Show. “I’m excited for where he’s gonna take this thing. I’m gonna watch! I’m gonna set my DVR to finally, after 17 f***ing years, I’m gonna record The Daily Show!”

Stewart joins Comedy Central and the Anti-Defamation League as a Noah supporter.

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