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Teresa Giudice’s new show would be bad — especially for her daughters

It’s been only three months since Teresa Giudice landed behind bars but, if the rumors are true, a little orange jumpsuit won’t keep The Real Housewives of New Jersey star from capitalizing on her prison stint.

While there is no official news that a spin-off is in fact happening, RadarOnline is now reporting that Teresa and Joe Giudice have inked a contract with Bravo for a new reality show.

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The premise is supposedly simple. The new show will be an exploration of what life is like for the family while Teresa serves time. But regardless of whether the show happens or not, there’s one major reason any venture like this is an epically bad idea: their girls.

Teresa and Joe have four daughters — Gia, 14, Gabriella, 10, Milania, 9 and Audriana, 5 — all of who are at delicate ages in their development and who have already been through so much. Is making even more of a public spectacle of their lives really a necessity?

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Just last month, teenager Gia expressed stress on her Twitter page, a possible indication that the intense scrutiny her family has been under is causing major strain.
To broadcast the family’s situation to millions of viewers for personal gain seems especially selfish, not to mention insensitive.

Their daughters are already having to field what essentially amounts to harassment from reporters and heaven knows how many ruthless comments from peers. I’m just wagering a guess, but I imagine the girls cannot wait for this all to blow over so they can put it behind them and move on.

But if a jailhouse series does become a reality, there will be no escaping it. It will only intensify the interest and attention, making the girls an even more enticing target to voyeurs, trolls, paparazzi and the like.

Also, it merits mentioning that this could affect Teresa’s chances at the early release she’s currently eligible for in February 2016. As a mother of young children, I cannot fathom Teresa putting herself in such a precarious position. Nothing could keep me from getting back to my babies — no matter how many dollar signs are attached.

Sadly, if this show does come to fruition, I fear the message Teresa would be sending her girls would be incredibly damaging. How could they not feel as though she is placing the almighty dollar above them? Above their needs?

A mother is supposed to protect and nurture her young, not profit from them.

According to RadarOnline’s inside source, “Producers insisted that phone calls with Teresa be included in the footage. The family will be required to talk to Teresa on speakerphone, as well as to share any email correspondence they have with her. Cameras will also be mounted in the car to get footage of their visits in prison.”

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Because that’s what every little girl wants to explain to her classmates. Or, fast forward: how about when Gia gets married and has babies of her own? I doubt the kind of home video she wants to show her children is that of visiting Grandma in jail.

So what could possibly possess them to consider such a deal? The source doesn’t mince words when it comes to Joe’s motivation for doing the show, citing cash flow problems.

Well, hey, I have a novel idea: maybe Joe could, I don’t know, get a job?

And, even if that is difficult due to his reputation, there are still other options. He continues to live a pretty lavish lifestyle (or does a very good job of keeping up appearances, at the very least). Why not sell anything that isn’t nailed down and start over?

The simple life could be just what the doctor ordered for this beleaguered family.

What do you think? Would a show about Teresa behind bars be damaging for her young daughters?

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