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Bethenny Frankel calls nutritionists out for body-shaming her

Seems like women can’t win for losing (or gaining) when it comes to how much they weigh.

Either she is too fat for society and she is attacked for holding the forbidden extra pounds. Or she is too skinny, and she is lambasted for being unhealthy and a bad role model for younger women.

If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out what the heck women are supposed to be in the public eye, we are right there with you. And so is Bethenny Frankel.

The The Real Housewives of New York City star is on the defensive again about her weight.

On The Today Show on Monday she said, “There are nutritionists that comment that I don’t even weigh a hundred pounds.”

Well, she’s got news for them. “I weigh 115 pounds,” Frankel said, adding that she would gladly get on a scale on TV to prove it.

Let’s start off by saying she shouldn’t have to prove anything to anyone, especially in regards to her weight and even more especially on national television.

It’s not like the few-inches-taller-than-average Frankel doesn’t know she is thin. She points out the obvious, saying, “I have a brand called Skinnygirl, so it’s not a big giant mystery.”

Just like most women who get flak for their body type have had it beaten into their heads that there is something wrong with the way they look, Frankel agrees that she sometimes looks “too skinny.”

“Sometimes I do agree that I look too thin, especially when I’m tired, especially when I’m haggard,” she said.

Everyone has their “fat days” and their “skinny days.” However, no one but the people at our offices get to listen to us talk about them as to how to deal with them. But celebrity women have to deal with the discussion of their looks over everything else instead of talking about their accomplishments. Like how Frankel turned society’s body image obsession into a $100 million-dollar company.

Now that is impressive. Can we talk about that instead of how much she actually weighs? Well, probably not. Because that would be admitting that the skinny girl figured out how to play the game and made millions of dollars from it.

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