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Jessica Simpson ‘feasts’ on her husband for Easter in sexy pic (PHOTO)

That’s one way to ensure you don’t pack on any extra weight during these candy-filled holidays.

Jessica Simpson has finally revealed the real secret she has for staying in great shape. She simply feasts on her husband instead of bags of jelly beans and Peeps like the rest of us for Easter.

In her most recent Instagram photo, the Dukes of Hazzard star can be seen sporting her character Daisy’s signature cutoff short shorts and fuzzy bunny ears. Of course, ever present are her pouty lips and once again, we get a strategically placed hand from her husband. Inexplicably, the duo are both wearing sunglasses although they appear to be inside.

Talk about hot.

The pair are no strangers to PDA — remember those racy Valentine’s Day photos? But at least these pics seem to be quick shots taken with a camera phone instead of expertly posed pics like her V-day snaps.

Either way, Simpson doesn’t seem to be slowing down with sharing the red-hot photos of her and her husband or sharing all the intimate moments of her relationship with her social media followers.

And I’m not going to lie, we don’t mind.

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