Kendall Jenner's skin-baring church outfit has infuriated a lot of people (PHOTOS)

Apr 6, 2015 at 2:05 p.m. ET
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Kendall Jenner is a beautiful young woman and she's making waves in the modeling industry, but perhaps she should leave her high-fashion garments at home when she attends more conservative places, like, say, church on Easter Sunday.

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Jenner wore an ivory-colored halter-neck crop top and off-white culottes, which she paired with a killer pair of strappy gold heels to her local church in Los Angeles' West Hills neighborhood on Sunday. On any other day we would be raving about Jenner's style choice, because it's very on trend. But is it appropriate to attend a church service baring your midriff? Many fans think not.

Kendall Jenner's church outfit causes controversy


Kardashian family church outfits


People have been questioning Jenner's choice of outfit on social media, and the general consensus is that she is not dressed appropriately and that her outfit proves a total lack of disrespect.

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There are also several comments about Jenner that are a lot more nasty.

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If you weren't impressed with the budding model's church outfit, then you might be even less impressed with her take on the Easter bunny, which she posted on Instagram on April 5. Pretty controversial, to say the least.


Tell us what you think: Was Kendall Jenner dressed appropriately?

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