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Little girl schools her dad on why Kim K is the wrong celebrity crush (VIDEO)

If you’re a Kim Kardashian fan, it’s a safe bet to say this little girl is not a fan of you.

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In an adorable cell phone video uploaded online by her father, a sassy little girl dressed head to toe in pink absolutely schools her dad on why Kim K should not be his celebrity crush. The tiny tot tells the world exactly what she thinks of the curvy reality TV star. Queue up the Z-snaps.

“I don’t agree with my father because if I were a man I would not pick Kim Kardashian to be my celebrity crush,” she begins. “You wanna know why? I’ll tell you why. The only reason she’s famous is because of her plastic surgery.”

She goes on, “Excuse me. Every single photo shoot you go to, you don’t got clothes on! Why you famous for that? I don’t know. OK, maybe when you die you wear diapers, but seriously, when you have a life on this world and earth, I don’t think you should be showing your parts to people, ’cause that is just personal, OK?”

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And she does not stop there. This opinionated kid will even go so far as to invoke presidential action to keep Kim K away from her dad.

“If Barack Obama knows who you are, which I’m pretty sure he does, he should make you illegal, because it is not legal to show yourself off to people around the world,” she says. “Thank you.”

As if that weren’t enough to meet our sass quota for the day (if not the week!), the girl has a retort all ready to go when her dad jumps in and tries to defend Kim.

“Kim, I gotta cut you off, babe, it’s not personal,” he says, before being interrupted by his little girl with a good old-fashioned scolding.

“Do not call her ‘babe,’ thank you very much!”

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What’s your take on this hilarious video? Does the kid make some good points about Kim Kardashian? Or should she reel in her sass a little bit? Tell us what you think down in the comments.

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