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Lip Sync Battle: Watch all the battles in one sitting (VIDEOS)

Can you think of a better way to kick off the weekend than a marathon viewing of crazy celebrity Lip Sync Battles? Yeah, neither can we.

Jimmy Fallon’s spin-off series debuted on the Spike channel Thursday night, and we decided to celebrate by collecting all of the most hilarious performances of stars shaking their stuff and pretending to sing in one place. Feast your eyes on the ridiculousness and watch your Friday afternoon wiz by. You’re welcome.

1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson “Shake It Off” vs. Jimmy Fallon “Jump in the Line”

Image: Spike/vidme

The Rock has got hops! Is it just us, or does he have, like, the whitest teeth and best skin in the entire world?

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2. Jimmy Fallon “Like a Prayer” vs. Dwayne Johnson “Staying Alive”

Image: Lip Sync Battle on Spike/YouTube

Fallon’s ethereal performance of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” is truly something to behold, but Johnson doing the Hustle in a Travolta-esque suit is transcendent.

3. Paul Rudd vs. Jimmy Fallon
Image: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

Rudd truly captures Tina Turner’s intensity in his rendition of “You Better Be Good to Me,” but is it any match for Fallon’s performance of “Juke Box Hero” that even brought himself to his knees?

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4. Emma Stone vs. Jimmy Fallon
Image: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

Fallon brought his Iggy Azalea game, but sorry, Jimmy, no one is cuter than Emma Stone. Even Blues Traveler didn’t know anyone knew all the worlds to “The Hook.”

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5. Stephen Merchant vs. Joseph Gordon-Levitt vs. Jimmy Fallon
Image: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

The ’70s, the ’80s, the ’90s and the new millennium — these guys rocked ’em all.

6. John Krasinski vs. Jimmy Fallon

Image: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/The Hollywood Gossip

We’d gladly be your “Teenage Dream,” Krasinski.

7. Will Ferrell vs. Kevin Hart vs. Jimmy Fallon
Image: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

The Super Bowl of lip sync battles, indeed. We don’t know what is better, the actual lip-syncing or the fact that Hart and Ferrell love each other so much.

8. Gwen Stefani vs. Jimmy Fallon vs. Blake Shelton

Image: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/Vimeo

Blake Shelton tap dancing in cowboy boots — it doesn’t get any better than that. Also, this edition wins the award for most trash talking.

9. Common vs. John Legend

Image: Lip Sync Battle on Spike/You Tube

Whaaaaat? We seriously think Common and Legend missed their calling as Lionel Richie and MC Hammer impersonators, respectively.

10. Emily Blunt “Piece of My Heart” vs. Anne Hathaway “Wrecking Ball”
Image: Lip Sync Battle on Spike/You Tube

Anne Hathaway as Miley Cyrus is unexpected perfection.

11. Anne Hathaway “Love” vs. Emily Blunt “No Diggity”

Image: Lip Sync Battle on Spike/YouTube

John Krasinski is a lucky, lucky man.

12. Anna Kendrick “Booty” vs. John Krasinski “Proud Mary”
Image: Lip Sync Battle on Spike/YouTube

Just when you think Krasinski couldn’t possibly get any sexier, he whips out the silver lamé minidress. Unbelievable. Kendrick might take this competition, though. She’s got the unfair advantage with all the fan action and the JLo cameo.

13. Mike Tyson “Push It” vs. Terry Crews “Sucker MCs”
Sorry, Mike Tyson won this match hands-down. First of all, he just picked a better song, and second, he wore leather leggings! It’s like Terry Crews didn’t even stand a chance. Crews did give it a good effort, though. A for effort, Terry — A for effort.

14. Michael Strahan “Poison” preview
That Bel Biv DeVoe cameo literally brought tears to my eyes.

15. Hoda Kotb “Uptown Funk”
Hoda’s Bruno Mars impersonation is a revelation and her unbridled enthusiasm while she’s talking to LL Cool J after her performance is unmatched.

16. Stephen Merchant “Dirrty” preview

Um, is it possible that Merchant is actually going to pull off some Xtina-caliber movies here? Sure looks like it.

17. Malin Akerman “Pour Some Sugar on Me” vs. Stephen Merchant “Hero”

Stephen Merchant is taking them crazy eyes to a whole new level!

18. Derek Hough “Can’t Hold Us” vs. Julianne Hough “All About That Bass”
The Houghs, bringin’ that DWTS dramatic flair to the table. We’re not sure which is more entertaining, the actual performances or the sibling sideline reactions.

19. Derek Hough “Chandelier” vs. Julianne Hough “I Just Had Sex”
How many years of therapy will it take for poor Derek to recover from his sister’s performance here?

20. Cheryl “Salt” James “Since You Been Gone” vs. Sandra “Pepa” Denton “Firework”
Salt did Kelly Clarkson justice, but Pepa put the fire in that Katy Perry song!

21. Jimmy Fallon vs. Melissa McCarthy
Who knew Fallon could fake skate like that? Impressive.

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