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Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon bust out even more mom dance moves (VIDEO)

They did it before, and they are doing it again.

Jimmy Fallon and first lady Michelle Obama donned their capris and cardis for a little bit more “mom dancing” on The Tonight Show.

The first lady made her appearance to continue the promotion of her Let’s Move! campaign as it moves into its fifth year. She is asking everyone to #GimmeFive for all the healthy changes and choices they might have made during the past five years of the campaign, so she thought she’d bust a few moves herself with her old pal, Jimmy.

There was no “Just the Hands Part of Single Ladies” this time, but there was the “Shush and Tush,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

Mrs. Obama is always down for a good joke, but when Fallon tried to poke fun at the president’s dancing, she shut it down by turning the tables on The Late Show host and expertly executed “The Jimmy Fallon” with random finger points and awkward body movements.

Check out their too-cute dance moves and get your weekend started right.

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