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The return of TFI Friday most exciting TV news of the year

What screams ’90s louder than TFI Friday? Between 1996 and 2000 it was how millions of us kicked off our weekends. A few bars of Ocean Colour Scene’s “The Riverboat Song” and we’re right back there in the studio with Chris Evans.

Without a doubt some things are best left as a wonderful memory. As much as we want to see our favourite TV show come back, or our favourite pop group reform, the reality often fails to live up to expectations. But the rumours are true and Evans is set to bring TFI back for a special anniversary stint (it would be the 19th anniversary, which isn’t one normally celebrated but let’s not split hairs) so we have to get on board.

Video credit: Chris Evans/YouTube

Because TFI was a one-off. There hasn’t been a chat show since that’s been as inventive, rowdy, as natural, as politically-incorrect. It gave us some great musical performances from the Britpop/post-Britpop phase (Manic Street Preachers, Suede, Pulp and Garbage) and loads of unforgettable moments.

Shaun Ryder gets banned from Channel 4

Evans offered Shaun Ryder a pair of his own shoes if he could refrain from swearing during his TFI interview. Ryder managed to keep it clean for about 20 seconds and was subsequently banned from appearing on Channel 4.
Video credit: OnionTerror2007/YouTube

A whole show dedicated to the Spice Girls

Sporty and Scary performing their own unique version of “Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves” won’t go down in history as one of the top TFI performances. But as part of an entire show dedicated to the biggest band in the world (at that time) it’s still a treat for those who remember and loved the Spice Girls when they were anarchic, unpredictable and unpolished.

Video credit: Marcelo Morales/YouTube

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Bananarama are reunited

From Siobhan flirting with Evans (possibly under the influence of one too many green room sherbets) to the band revealing that they broke up over a pizza, Bananarama’s TFI interview was gold for lovers of early ’90s pop with a side helping of cringe.

Video credit: ohnoitsnathan16/YouTube

A total lack of political correctness

We shouldn’t have laughed at “Freak or Unique,” “Ugly Bloke” or “Fat Lookalikes” but we probably did.

Video credit: balebonce/YouTube

“Indie Kylie”

Evans had Kylie Minogue in the palm of his hand, persuading her to recite the first verse from her 1987 chart topper “I Should Be So Lucky” Shakespearean style.

Video credit: UKRetroChannel/YouTube

Geri and Kylie kiss

A newly solo Geri Halliwell and Ms. Minogue decided arm-wrestling was boring so they started kissing instead.

Video credit: Jamie Lyrics/YouTube

TFI Friday returns on Friday, June 12 on Channel 4.

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