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Girls actually inspired one woman in a very sexual way (EXCLUSIVE)

Girls has been credited with a lot of things — giving a voice to the issues faced by today’s twentysomethings, challenging the glamorized depictions of sex usually seen on the screen and making it OK for women not to be perfect — but this particular sex-related gratitude the show received from one fan is something we haven’t heard before.

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At a recent red carpet event, SheKnows spoke with the two ladies responsible for bringing us the gift that is Girls: Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner. What the show says about women, and in particular women of a certain generation and affluence, has been dissected in grave detail.

The show has certainly showcased a certain voice and is alternately hilarious, shocking and also empowering, bringing to life women who are flawed and relatable, as opposed to presenting a one-dimensional depiction of women, which we see so often and which is always incredibly misleading.

So, extrapolating from that, we wanted to know what these two awesome boss ladies think Girls has done for women and for the representation of women in television.

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Dunham said she is grateful to have the opportunity to present a different perspective. “We hope, I mean, we would be so happy if it had an effect on anybody,” she said.

“We just feel so lucky to be working in a landscape right now where there are so many shows for, by, about women and it doesn’t just have to be one voice, but we’re getting, you know, a wide range of representation and wider every single day. We just want our show to contribute to, you know, a positive sense of self and also the idea that, like, women can be just as complex as their male counterparts.”

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And while we loved Dunham’s highbrow response to our question, we were also pretty fond of Konner’s more lowbrow answer.

“Also a young woman said to me, ‘Now, because of you, I’m not ashamed to have sex being on top,” she said, with Dunham chiming in, “Big win! Jenni was thrilled.”

Can’t say we were expecting to hear that, but we’re certainly pleased to know Girls is floating the boat, dilling the pickle, etc., of fans in more ways than one. We’ve heard a lot about how the show has inspired women to take charge, but this is most definitely our favorite.

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