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The new Game of Thrones excerpt will change all your opinions about Sansa

George R. R. Martin just made the wait for the Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere a little more tolerable with an excerpt from Book 6, The Winds of Winter.

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And we’re already, absolutely obsessed.

The excerpt comes from Alayne’s (aka Sansa Stark) point of view. And I’ve, personally, always given Sansa a hard time. She’s no Joffrey, but the girl is pretty helpless and spineless compared to all these strong-willed characters around her. She has always delighted in being the perfect lady, which made me, like Arya, want to gag. Plus, she needs to stop relying on authority so much… first Cersei, now Petyr.

But her time in the Eyrie seems to have changed, not just her name, but also her convictions. While she is still on the hunt for happiness, she has found her Stark snark and isn’t rolling over to whichever man takes an interest in her.

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In the excerpt, she is taking the lead in the Vale with Petyr and helping to plan a tournament that has attracted eligible men from across the lands. Petyr has arranged one, in particular, to take her hand in marriage and it reads like a new-age fairy tale. Because while Sansa finds Lord Harry attractive, he’s totally rude to her because he thinks she’s bastard-born. And Sansa puts him in his place like a champ.

And then the hate between the two of them blossoms, just like in a Jane Austen novel, into something resembling flirtation. And the near-happiness for Sansa is almost palpable.

Here’s the problem: After the Red Wedding and the Purple Wedding, George R. R. Martin has drilled into our brains that no one — especially not the Starks — gets a happy ending.

And while this excerpt ends on a win for Sansa (she really was due for one), I have a feeling it won’t last very long.

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You can read the entire excerpt over on Martin’s website. Like I need to tell you you should stop whatever you’re doing right now to read it.

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