Full House is getting revived, but where did it leave off? (VIDEO)

Get ready to celebrate with some family-friendly fun.

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Full House is getting a 13-episode new season that will stream on Netflix. But before you watch the reunion with D.J. and Kimmy called Fuller House, a recap of how the show initially ended is in order since it has been 20 years, after all.

We totally forgot how the series ended, no pun intended, since Michelle did, too.

The last two episodes were aired together and feature the aftermath of Michelle’s fall off a horse, where she injures her head and loses her memory.

But after taking a nap, she magically remembers everything. As the family celebrates the miraculous return of Michelle’s memory, they also celebrate D.J.’s prom that night.

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Danny has a camera in hand as D.J. descends the stairs in a gorgeous gold gown. The moment is only made better by Kimmy’s arrival in her light-up hot pink dress, complete with a battery pack.

As if the moment couldn’t get any cheesier, Steve shows up in the nick of time to take D.J. to the prom. (Kimmy really is the friend we all wish we had.)

And they all live happily ever after.

But, of course, not without some words of wisdom from Uncle Jesse, “We stuck it out and we got through it.”

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“Just like we always do,” Joey chimed in.

Capped off by the all-too-cheesy ending line from Danny, “Just like we always will.”

And the theme music carries us out, framing the Tanner family one last time.

Watch the last scene below and get ready for more Full House.

Are you excited to see where D.J. and Kimmy ended up in life?

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