Josh Duhamel meditates naked, you guys (PHOTO)

Josh Duhamel?’s booty, booty, booty, booty’s rockin’ everywhere.

Get it? Because butt. And it’s on a rock. Eh, OK, I’m done. Moving on….

Sure, Josh Duhamel should be trending today due to recently getting cast in the film Beyond Deceit with Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins. But the real headline today is all about that butt.

We all know Duhamel these days is one busy man, raising a kid with Fergie, acting, saving puppies and volunteering for great causes whenever he gets the chance. So, of course, his downtime is precious. And everyone was lucky enough to get a glimpse into what he does during said downtime.

He sits on a rock and meditates — naked. Yes, stare at this as long as you’d like, people. It has been photographed for your viewing pleasure.

You’re welcome and have a wonderful Thursday.


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