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Ed Sheeran is both awkward and charming singing on Sesame Street (VIDEO)

Sesame Street always manages to get the biggest names in music to inspire kids with some uplifting messages about learning and growing up. Ed Sheeran‘s song for the show is no different, but his awkward charm makes it a video we had to share.

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The thing about Sheeran is that we, as adults, are used to hearing him sing about love, making love and heartbreak… sometimes all in one song. So to have that same longing and heart-melting voice of his paired with some muppets, it makes for this weird mix. Because, yeah, we were rocking out to the song on repeat like it was Sheeran’s new hit instead of a parody song for kids.

The song, titled “Two Different Worlds,” makes for a pretty deep message for children, when all it’s really saying is that kids split they’re time between school and home. (Those were the good old days!) The muppets are on hand as the band and for some serious backup vocals.

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Check out the whole music video below.

Of course, Sheeran joins celebs like Macklemore, Janelle Monáe, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry, all of whom have used their signature sounds to create kid-appropriate music.

So what do you think: Is Ed Sheeran awkward or charming in this Sesame Street song?

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