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Conan O’Brien hilariously weighs in on Indiana’s anti-gay law (VIDEO)

Even if you are not a fan of comedian Conan O’Brien, this is one video that you should definitely watch, because his skit with the “religious freedom czar” is very amusing.

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Indiana has been making headlines for some pretty controversial reasons of late, thanks to their discriminatory bill that was passed last week that allows businesses the right to deny service to homosexuals in the name of “religious freedom.”

So, O’Brien decided to shed some light on the bill and reach out to Indiana’s “self-appointed religious freedom czar” Don Biederman to find out more.

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Biederman insists that the law is not discriminatory at all, and what it does is “prevents discrimination against good, church-going folks who just want their businesses homosexual-free.”

O’Brien then goes to point out that “you can’t just identify every homosexual at a glance,” to which Biederman explains that you can if you have done the research.

And what research has he done, you ask? Just “thousands of hours studying the habits of homosexuals by reading their literature and watching their erotic adventures on DVD.”

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Not to mention that he has a “highly refined” gaydar.

“If I sense there’s a homosexual nearby, my gaydar goes off, and my penis instantly lengthens and hardens, veering up defensively,” Biederman informs O’Brien — just so it’s clear, this is all a joke, and a pretty hilarious one at that.

Watch the video below.

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