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Mysteries of Laura writers reveal the secret to mixing motherhood and Hollywood

SheKnows recently chatted with the women at the helm of NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura and got the scoop on what it’s like being a mom and working in Hollywood. Turns out, it’s easier than you think… with the right support system.

Being a mom is rough and being a working mom can be even harder. We watch Debra Messing juggle those very obstacles each week on NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura. Sure, it’s tough for the divorced detective to raise twin boys nearly on her own and all the while catch bad guys. But we imagine that it’s even worse to raise kids while being successful Hollywood businesswomen. Mysteries‘ EP, Amanda Green, and two of the show’s writers, Margaret Easley and Laura Putney, talked about life as Hollywood moms. They swore that while it’s not always easy, it’s never impossible with the help of a good support system.

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“We like to think about it as, you know, basically we’re all always failing someone,” Putney said. “You can be a hero at work or you can be a hero at home. You usually can’t be both. And Hollywood is no different from any other workplace, except that most other workplaces have to give you things like maternity leave, which we don’t get. But don’t get me started on that rant.”

Putney admitted there are some differences between being a working mom in Hollywood and being a working mom elsewhere, though.

“I think that the hardest thing — and it is not true of this show — is that usually if you are a working mom on the staff of a TV show in Hollywood, you’re usually alone,” Putney said. “It is not a business — writing — where there are a lot of people who are working moms. There are a lot of younger women. There are women whose kids are grown. But working moms are definitely in the minority. And the fantastic thing about this show is that instead of working moms being a stigma, it’s a positive.”

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The women each elaborated on how the Mysteries environment is much more conducive to motherhood. Since many on the staff are working parents, the staff is a little more accepting of needing to duck out early for a ballet recital or abandoning a staff meeting to take care of a sick kid. All in all, the key to surviving Hollywood (or really anywhere) as a mother is having a support system of friends and fellow parents who are willing to pick up the slack when you can’t.

Easley chimed in with support for Putney’s theory.

“It’s the micro and macro support of the… to me it’s been the mom community,” Easley said. “Yesterday things went long. Both of my kids got picked up after school by their friends’ parents. So, you know, I just — I sent up the Bat-Signal and some other families rushed in to help. So I think as Amanda said, there is a universal — whether it’s Hollywood or not — you have your village, no matter how small or big it is. And that just makes the whole experience so much better and easier.”

Now we know how they do it, let’s find our support group and take over Hollywood, shall we?

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