The Kardashians are actually related to royalty — sorry, Kanye

It turns out, British prime minister, David Cameron, isn’t really a fan of the Kardashians, but he is a distant cousin.

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While he admitted he doesn’t watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the prime minister responded to Heat magazine’s question about the show with a surprise tidbit, “But I’m related to them.”

According to the prime minister himself, he’s a 13th cousin of the Kardashian clan. They share a mutual ancestor, Sir William Spencer, who was born in 1555, according to E! News. We want to know the poor intern who had to go digging for that connection!

More importantly, how the heck did the prime minister discover this information?

Prime Minister Cameron is also a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II — a fifth cousin, twice removed, to be exact. But according to a British royal history website, Brit Royals, the prime minister comes from an illegitimate line and, therefore, has no claim to the throne. Which means we can all breathe a sigh of relief because that means the Kardashians don’t have an excuse to start sporting crowns anytime soon.

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Despite their distant relation, however, the prime minister said he’d still be up for a friendly family reunion. “That would be great, thanks.”

And we definitely think this little meet and greet needs to become a reality. (A Keeping Up with the Kardashians special, anyone?)

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Plus, it seems like the prime minister could use some help with his photo op skills. In the same interview, he told of a recent experience in which he had to hold a crocodile and described it as unpleasant.

“There was a camera on so I had to go, ‘Oh, this is lovely,’ but I was really worried I was squeezing it so tightly that actually I was going to kill it, because the guy said to me, ‘If this bites you, you know, you will draw blood,’ and I said, ‘Oh, really?’

“The crocodile survived,” the prime minister continued, “but I didn’t think, ‘How lovely, I’ve squeezed a crocodile today.'”

So far, none of the Kardashians have commented on their royal lineage.

Do you think the prime minister and the Kardashians should meet?


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