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You need this Game of Thrones Season 4 recap in your life (VIDEO)

Game of Thrones, everyone’s favorite family dramedy, returns to HBO on April 12. If you’re not in front of a calendar right now, let me do some calculations for you: That’s 13 days away.

Is 13 days enough time to get ready to be thrown back into the world of Westeros?

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Honestly, not really. Knowing what you know about winter coming and all, you should’ve started preparing for this premiere right after the last season ended. And by preparing, I mean keeping Season 4’s plot fresh in your mind. After all, a lot happened and it’s easy to forgot who married whom, who fought whom and who pushed whom through a giant moon door in the floor.

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But I get it, other (dragon-less) TV shows came up. Distractions happen to the best of us. But that does mean time is of the essence here and you need to catch up and catch up fast. Look no further than this recap. It somehow manages to cover all the important plot points in under eight minutes.

It should go without saying, but spoilers ahead!

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