WWE fans grossly harass the Divas with sexist, inappropriate chant

A huge chunk of WWE fans proved their real lack of charm during a post-Wrestlemania Diva matchup this week. In a three-on-three event, fans in San Jose began chanting disgusting remarks to the women in the ring.

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We know the vast a majority of WWE fans don’t take the Divas as seriously as they take the male wrestlers. Shoot, we’re not even sure the WWE takes the Divas as seriously. After all, there’s a reason #GiveDivasAChance was trending. For most of the wrestling culture, Diva fights are just a chance to escape the thrusting bulges for a while and focus on some bouncing boobs. In skintight leather and with heaving cleavage and booty shorts that constantly ride up, it’s always been pretty obvious who Divas was for… and it wasn’t to show that women were strong and powerful.

Except they are. Girls like AJ and Natalya kick serious ass. And the Bella Twins are insanely cut and strong. Wrestling might be choreographed, but those girls are awesome and they deserve a little respect for the hard work, sweat and (fake) blood they leave on the mat. If they want to get their fight on while wearing pink pants or schoolgirl skirts, who are we to judge?

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San Jose fans, however, weren’t as respectful or inspired by the WWE Divas as we are. As a matter of fact, they did a disgustingly perfect job of illustrating just how the WWE presents the Divas as sexual instead of athletic. During the main event of the night, when “fans” saw the Bella Twins and Natalya take on Paige, AJ Lee and Naomi, the crowd used the opportunity to chant sexually explicit things at the six athletes in the ring.

During the match, the rowdy crowd took turns chanting, “You suck Cena,” to Nikki Bella and, “You suck Bryan,” to Brie Bella. It didn’t stop there, though. Nikki is, of course, dating famed good-guy wrestler John Cena and Brie is married to wrestler Daniel Bryan. Natalya, who is married to wrestler Tyson Kidd, also heard chants of, “You suck Tyson.” And Jimmy Uso’s wife and Diva Naomi was taunted with, “You suck Uso.” Totally classy, right?

None of the ladies commented on the super-sexist chants and neither did the WWE. The silence from the WWE is especially disconcerting considering that the organization is now “run” by Stephanie McMahon. Way to stick up for your girls, Steph.

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