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Teen Mom Amber Portwood put her new man through a rigorous test (VIDEO)

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has a troubled past and a turbulent relationship with her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Gary Shirley. But after all these years, she’s finally moving on with her life, and that’s partly due to one reason.

During an interview with OK! Magazine, the reality TV star revealed that the new man in her life, Matt Baier, is the reason she has finally been able to completely get over Shirley.

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“I think [Matt] helped me get completely over him,” she told the publication of her fiancé. “It was months before that though that I actually made the decision to not want to have the relationship with Gary anymore. It was just really hard to actually move forward with somebody and trust another man and feel like I can love another person.”

She continued, “I never thought I could find somebody that I loved more than Gary, and obviously I was wrong. I love this man more than anything.”

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Portwood then explained that before Matt she was not really looking for a relationship because she still had feelings for Gary.

“Matt has helped a lot when it comes to both of us actually moving on,” she confessed.

This was not the only question the publication had for Portwood, however. It was also curious to know if she chose not to post pictures of Matt on social media on purpose.

And the answer? It was “totally on purpose.” Portwood explained that because they (the stars of Teen Mom) have been on TV for such a long time it’s really hard to find people who actually want to be with them just for them and not all the perks of being on the show.

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“It’s hard to find people who are real… who don’t want to be with you for your money or your fame or anything. He [Matt] went through this huge five or six month test where he didn’t post anything on Twitter about us, he didn’t talk about us; and he passed,” Portwood revealed of the test she put her man through.

We’re so glad he passed the test and that Portwood now plans to walk down the aisle with him — and we can’t wait to see the pictures of her as a bride.

Watch the video below to find out more about Portwood and her new relationship.

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