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Katy Perry’s response to one tabloid’s lies and apology deserves a slow-clap

Katy Perry scored a small victory in the battle for keeping her private life private when a tabloid was forced to apologize for making up lies and invading her privacy.

OK! Magazine tweeted a very public apology to the pop star for blatantly lying about Perry’s private life, and for spying on a personal event at her home.

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The story in question, which has since been removed from their website, alleged that Perry was two months pregnant and that she would be marrying so-called baby daddy John Mayer in April.

The definitely not pregnant pop star retweeted OK!‘s apology and added her own forceful reminder to fans.

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What’s interesting about this particular situation is that certain tabloids completely fabricate stories about celebrities all the time, yet they rarely are forced to retract anything. What’s different about this case? The singer must have been incensed enough about the content of the article, the photos or both to have gotten her legal team involved — and we say good for her!

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