The Holderness family is a real-life version of Modern Family's Dunphys (VIDEO)

Mar 31, 2015 at 12:45 p.m. ET

Who knew that "Xmas Jammies" could launch an exciting family enterprise?

SheKnows expert Kim Dean Holderness and family are set for their turn as the world's newest reality celebs in the new show The Holderness Family, and after watching this adorably hilarious SheKnows video starring Kim and her husband Penn, it's totally easy to see how they scored the program.

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Kim and Penn, who you probably know from their super-funny parodies of Thanksgiving and "Gin and Juice," play off each other perfectly in a "how well do you know your spouse?" Q&A, which is pretty much The Newlywed Game meets Phil and Claire Dunphy. As they reveal who really wears the pants in the family (it's Kim, duh) and that Penn's celeb pass is Dame Helen Mirren, the charisma that caused the first "Xmas Jammies" video to blow up permeates the screen.

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The Holderness Family will follow Kim, Penn and their two kids, Lola and Penn Charles, while they transition from successful TV news careers to turning their viral videos into a full-time advertising business. Each show will feature a new viral-worthy video at the end of every episode.

You can catch new episodes of The Holderness Family on UP TV.

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