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Bill Cosby’s response to a protester’s rape comments is surprising

Bill Cosby’s recent stand-up comedy show at the Modell Performing Arts Center in Baltimore, Maryland, was interrupted when a man called him out on the rape allegations that he is facing — and his response was rather unexpected.

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On Friday night, the The Cosby Show star was making a joke, saying, “I looked around and nobody in my brain spoke up,” when a man identified as Michael M. Crook, responded to the joke by yelling out, “Thirty-eight women called you a rapist!”

Crook’s words were met by an angry backlash as Cosby fans jeered and told Crook to “shut up,” but he was not done. Crook continued to heckle Cosby, telling him, “Tell the one about how to get away with rape.”

Rather then get upset by this interruption, Cosby, who was wearing a gray “Hello Friend” hoodie, told the crowd to calm down and said, “I’m going to handle this the way I want it handled, and we are here to enjoy my gift.”

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According to the Washington Post, he then added, “We are not here to argue. Let those people speak. We will find them and ask them to leave.”

Crook revealed to Baltimore City Paper why he chose to make his comments during Cosby’s performance, saying, “I stood up to Bill Cosby tonight because I believe the 38 women who have come forward so far to accuse him of raping them. I can’t speak for those women, but I am determined to stand up with them and tell Mr. Cosby that he cannot simply avoid answering for those crimes.”

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But he was not the only protester surrounding the comedian’s performance. Outside the theater, there were around 35 protesters who had gathered with signs, informing ticket-holders that they should be ashamed of themselves for supporting Cosby.

Watch the video of Cosby replying to a protester here.

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