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Kendra and Hank have a bold new show, but will it reveal anything new?

It’s been less than a year since Kendra Wilkinson’s world was rocked by allegations that her husband Hank Baskett cheated with transsexual model Ava Sabrina London.

And, since that time, we’ve seen the drama unfold on Season 3 of Kendra on Top and watched as the internet became a veritable Magic 8 Ball of the couple’s marital status — “Are they still together?” “My sources say no.” “Did Kendra kick Hank out?” “Signs point to yes.”

Now, Kendra and Hank are back with an intriguing new series. WEtv will be re-running the last season of Kendra on Top with one big caveat: The couple will be watching the show right along with the audience.

The teaser promo promises “the inside story… uncensored, unfiltered, unbelievable.”

As I tuned into the premiere of Watch With Us last night, I couldn’t help feeling slightly skeptical. After all, I followed along last season, expecting that at some point Hank might actually offer some sort of solid explanation for the allegations against him or for his actions.

Sure, I assumed they’d string us along until the finale before any big reveal. Such is TV, no?

What I, along with other viewers, didn’t expect was to tune in for the entire season of Kendra on Top and be left with little more than Hank’s assurance of “Kendra, I really want to tell you what happened.”

I supported Kendra’s decision to do the show last season — I feel as though what she essentially did was take lemons and make lemonade. Her family is in the public eye, so there was no way they were escaping the scandal. Instead, she faced it head on by inviting viewers into her home and her heartache.

She gave us a rarely-seen perspective: what a celebrity cheating scandal looks like from the inside. I thought it was brave decision.

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So when I heard about Watch With Us, I was intrigued. The format of the show is innovative, absolutely. As a consumer, though, I want to know what the value is to me. It sounds somewhat harsh and impersonal to say that regarding a show about someone’s marriage in limbo, but let’s be real: Reality TV is a business, and Kendra is a brand.

I don’t think she would dispute this.

My motive, then, for tuning into Watch With Us is the implication that the value I seek — finally getting closure in the form of some sort of admission from Hank — will be fulfilled.

The premiere did answer a few questions. Like, for starters, why even do a show like this? “Our therapist suggested it.” Or does Hank realize how his behavior affected Kendra, really? “This could be beneficial — every action has a consequence.”

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But after watching the hour-and-a-half-long premiere, the most dramatic moment proved to be one we’d already seen in the promo — Hank’s confession that he had considered suicide during their split.

The majority of the show was simply playback from last season, peppered with tense moments of Hank and Kendra reflecting on their feelings during that time.

Will we finally learn what really happened between Hank and Ava London? I doubt it. Will we at least see Hank offer Kendra some sort of explanation? Will we learn anything new at all?

Thus far, I remain dubious.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Hank will finally fess up, or will we sit through another season with no resolution? Sound off in the comments below.

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