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Kevin Hart’s reaction to One Direction’s breakup news is the best (VIDEO)

There’s a whole world of One Directioners out there right now who are freaking out over news that Zayn Malik has quit the band. We’re not sure anyone is taking it harder than Kevin Hart, though.

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Is Kevin Hart really a One Direction fan? We’re guessing that’s a big fat no. When a reporter filled Hart in on Malik’s untimely departure, though, that didn’t stop the supersilly comedian from losing his shit on the red carpet. Ever the overacting actor, Hart took his reaction all the way up to 11, and it might be the funniest thing ever.

“Hold up!” Hart bellowed from the red carpet. “Did you hear One Direction is breaking up?”

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His classically hilarious style of exaggerating the circumstances has never been more perfectly demonstrated than his reaction to Malik’s ditching the band. Check out the short but brilliant clip.

Unlike Malik, Hart’s career continues its upswing. The well-loved comedian (and pretend rapper) has done the late-night circuit promoting his new film, Get Hard. He and his co-star, Will Ferrell, have taken to bashing each other and telling outright lies about the other in each of their interviews. From silent treatments to sexual preferences and how often they like to be naked, no holds have been barred during Hart and Ferrell’s press tours.

We hope Hart’s love for boy bands might be at least somewhat real… even in a nostalgic sense. We’d love to see him team up with Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon to bust out some awesome boy band tunes. Maybe in the style of a barbershop quartet? C’mon! Please?

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