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28 Things Lady Gaga accomplished at 28

Lady Gaga turns 29 today, so we’re looking back at all the amazing things she accomplished this past year.

1. She nabbed the lead in American Horror Story: Hotel

2. She broke up a fight in her own audience during a concert

3. She got a new tattoo… or two

4. She got back out on the road with her ArtRave: The ArtPop Ball tour, which went worldwide

5. She purchased a $24 million home in Malibu

6. She showed off her body… a lot

7. She shared her own story of rape and recovery on The Howard Stern Show

8. She killed The Sound of Music at the Oscars

9. She broke Yahoo and Live Nation live stream records with her ArtRave tour conclusion concert in Paris

10. She made her doggie Instagram famous

11. She got altitude sickness and had to be hospitalized in Denver

12. She posed for Harper’s Bazaar and got candid about her struggles with anorexia and bulimia

13. She did personal meet-and-greets with fans to support her Born This Way Foundation, which supports civil and LGBT rights

14. She forgot her pants… more than once

15. She gave Taylor Swift some awesome relationship advice

16. She released a fragrance, Eau de Gaga

17. She ended her feud with Kelly Osbourne… after Osbourne choked her, of course

18. She battled rumors that she was fat

19. She dressed more normally than we’ve seen her do in years

20. She battled claims that her career was over and still came out on top

21. She went au naturel

22. She came in at No. 19 on Forbes‘ list of the top earning celebrities in 2014

23. Also from Forbes, Gaga came in at No. 4 on the outlet’s social barometer

24. She called out the music industry for being sexist and full of sharks

25. She appeared in Sin City 2

26. She launched a selfie beauty campaign for Shiseido

27. She released Cheek to Cheek with Tony Bennett

28. And last, but of course not least, she got engaged to longtime boyfriend Taylor Kinney

Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga! What do you think was the singer’s greatest accomplishment of her 28th year?

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