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The Walking Dead: Why Morgan’s arrival could be bad news

On The Walking Dead Season 5, Morgan has been seen trailing Rick and his group. It’s always been assumed that his arrival would be a good thing, but what if that’s not the case at all?

This new idea came to mind when I read an article from Business Insider that talked about how the next big bad might have been hinted at back in Season 3. There was also the fan on Imgur who put together how a storyline from the comics may have been influenced by the show.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for those who don’t want to know anything about the comics.

So the basic idea is that, when Morgan was talking all that crazy nonsense after Rick found the guy wandering around alone, he might not have been so crazy after all. OK, well, to be fair, Morgan may still have been crazy, but it might have been for a completely different reason than we all thought.

He talked about people walking around “wearing dead people’s faces.” Everyone assumed Morgan was talking about people hiding their true selves, but he might have meant a group of people that were first mentioned in the comics just a few months ago. It seems there are people out there who travel with walkers and wear the skin of dead people on their faces to hide themselves from the zombies. They are known as “the Whisperers” because they whisper to keep the walkers from discovering that they are in fact traveling with some tasty, delicious treats.

Taking this information and adding it to the fact that walkers have been found with “W” on their foreheads, it could mean that the Whisperers are on their way to Alexandria. Fans have also seen what look like signs that Morgan will find his way to the group soon.

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Before now, it was assumed that Morgan catching up to Rick and his group would be a good thing. The poor guy has presumably been on his own since his son died and Rick left him. Finding Rick’s people would be good for Morgan and for Rick, right? After all, Morgan is definitely a survivor, and they need all the well-trained people they can get. But what if Morgan’s arrival comes with some other unexpected guests?

Morgan, prisoner of the Whisperers

The last time we saw Morgan, he was tracking Rick and the rest of the survivors. If the Whisperers are in the same area, then it’s very possible that they’ve already found Morgan. If they got him to tell them who he was tracking and why, those crazy dead-face-wearing people could be heading for Alexandria. Even if he didn’t tell them anything, they might have followed Morgan long enough to discover who he was tracking and maybe even captured him to use against Rick.

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Morgan, walking with the Whisperers

Another theory I have is this: What if Morgan joined the Whisperers? He wasn’t exactly in the best state of mind when Rick left him, and it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that he would join a group like the Whisperers. Sure, wearing dead skin sounds insane in theory, but it’s actually brilliant zombie defense when you think about it. It’s not much different than Rick and some others covering themselves in zombie guts to get past walkers or Michonne traveling with zombie “pets” to keep her humanness hidden. Morgan could have decided the Whisperers had a good option to survive, and he may not even be aware that they are bad people.

The Walking Dead Season 5 finale is only a couple days away. Do you think Morgan or the Whisperers might make an appearance?

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