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Teen Mom‘s Jenelle Evans’ recent weight loss sparks nasty backlash

It looks like Jenelle Evans is back in the spotlight and pulling in some seriously mean comments once again. This time the Teen Mom star is earning backlash over her recent weight-loss post.

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We at SheKnows know a woman’s weight is almost always her biggest struggle, so we try to steer clear of judging anyone for being “too thick” or “too skinny.” And we’ll keep our opinions to ourselves on Evans’ post-baby weight-loss journey. However, after recently posting her new weight, Evans caught a lot of hatred from Twitter followers and internet comments. Here’s what the young mother originally posted.

When a fan asked her how she did it, Evans claimed lots of healthy food and veggies and taking supplements. From there it was only a matter of time before fans and haters began to descend. Interestingly enough, most of the negative comments weren’t about her size, but from her claims of healthy eating and working out. It seems the internet community doesn’t believe Evans is living on the straight and narrow.

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Of course, the real sarcasm and hatred came from comments on the Us Weekly article about her weight loss. Not only did they continue to suggest Evans does drugs, but they also made all manner of fun of her. Only two people commented on her actual weight and one of those was still a dig at her breast implants.

Jenelle Evans weight loss comments

Jenelle Evans weight loss comments

Perhaps the meanest comment, though, was the one that was also directed at Evans’ inquiring fan.

Jenelle Evans weight-loss comments

Images: Us Weekly

Their comments were truly hateful, but do they make a decent point? We’ve certainly seen Evans struggle during each season of the show. Is her weight loss a sign of more serious issues or is she really just trying to keep things clean and healthy? Looks like we’ll have to keep watching Teen Mom to find out.

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