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Giuliana Rancic body-shamed yet again, but over a photo with her son (PHOTO)

It doesn’t seem like Giuliana Rancic can do anything without everyone on the internet trying to either tear her down or jump to conclusions.

Recently, she posted a super cute photo of her and her son at the park, and, of course, no one can just say things like, “how cute,” or “it’s so nice she is spending time with her son” or “what a good mom she really seems to love her child.” Nope, almost nothing like that can be found. What can be found in spades are negative and disturbing comments about her weight and how sick people think she looks.

This is nothing new for Rancic, who is probably sick and tired of people being “concerned” for her health with backhanded comments that don’t show concern at all, only contempt.

Some of the best: “I don’t know what is going on G with your health but I wish you good health forever. You do look way too thin esp when watching E news. Maybe that is the Hollywood look but I hope it is nothing more.”

And another gem, “Eat a cheeseburger @giulianarancic you don’t look healthy!”

Now, there were several people defending the mother, but the overwhelming majority had something to say relating to their concern about her tiny frame.

Can we please set down some ground rules for the internet and get rid of all this body shaming?

Can we please stop being disgusted with people who are considered “too fat” or “too skinny” or that there must be something wrong with someone who is skinny? And furthermore, if there did, heaven forbid, happen to be something wrong with Rancic’s health again, the last thing she could use is people telling her she looks terrible and unhealthy.

Get it together people. Can’t you see a loving mother and not a body type?

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