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Fabulous Iris Apfel, 93, flirts with this unlikely fashion icon (VIDEO)

She is one of the most accessory-clad and recognizable women in fashion.

She’s an iconoclast, and at 93 years old, she’s still got it. I’m talking about none other than Iris Apfel.

In just about a month, Apfel will have a documentary released in theaters in which we see her schmoozing and rubbing elbows effortlessly with fashion gurus and unfazed by fashion giants such as Jenna Lyons and Alexander Wang, who fawn and praise her themselves.

But it is when she runs into Kanye West, who at least in his own mind believes he is a fashion legend, Apfel turns the charm way up. In the clip, which is from 2011, you can see Apfel stop, smile and begin by saying she is a big fan, which Kanye seems genuinely and endearingly surprised by.

Then the camera pans a front shot of Iris, and you see she is donning her iconic costume jewelry and large round glasses. Kanye compliments her, saying she looks very nice. She doesn’t miss a beat; she bats her eyes and flirts so hard that I’m blushing for Kanye myself!

She says, “My goodness, coming from a handsome young fella, wow.”

Baller. Watch the clip below, and her documentary will be released on April 29.

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