Ashton Kutcher kissed another woman twice Mila Kunis’ age (VIDEO)

Just because Ashton Kutcher is a dad now, doesn’t mean he’s a grown-up at heart.

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Kutcher took some time out of his trip to Australia to prove that he still knows how to pull off an epic prank on unsuspecting people.

The actor turned product engineer went undercover for the sake of selling his new tablet, Lenovo. Going by the name Coodrey, Kutcher sported a hat, glasses, shoulder-length locks and some fetching piercings. He even did a convincing Australian accent.

All for the sake of selling the product, of course, he creates a makeshift bed for two gentleman and has them lay down with the tablet in hand so they can get the full experience. Kutcher even snuggles up in between them to continue showing off the Lenovo’s features.

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For a nice old woman who is looking at the product, Kutcher shows her some lovely photos he’s taken… all of different animals humping. The two then take a selfie, kissing on the lips! Lucky lady.

“Been there, done that,” Kutcher says, pointing at one gentleman who bursts into uncontrollable laughter when Kutcher shows him an image of two zebras gettin’ it on.

“Not everyone can say they spooned with Ashton Kutcher,” was the best line from one of the gentlemen when their salesperson’s true identity was finally revealed to the shoppers.

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All in all, the customers were surprisingly good-spirited about the whole thing, making the pranks even more hilarious.

Watch the hidden camera prank segment from Lenovo below.

Would you have laid in bed with an unknown salesman for the sake of a tablet?


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