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Little Women: NY‘s Jordanna shares sad story from high school prom

Part of the reason we love Little Women: LA is because of the inspirational, albeit drama-filled lives the cast members lead, so naturally we were ecstatic to hear that Lifetime would be taking the series to the East Coast for Little Women: New York.

We were introduced to the New York cast this week and instantly fell in love with Jordanna James, a courageous Broadway actress/businesswoman who owns, and performs with, a burlesque troupe called Sass N’ Betties, according to Lifetime.

James is confident, outspoken and doesn’t let her size get in the way of who she wants to be, but she revealed to SheKnows that one teenage coming-of-age milestone did cause some self-doubt to kick in. “My senior prom brought about some insecurities,” James said. “It was insanely hard for me to find a dress because my side provided me with a limited selection. Prom is a time that a girl should feel like a princess. It made me feel as though, no matter how hard I tried, I would never be glamorous.”

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Not being able to find “the” dress for an important event is something we can all relate to, and the fact that James was frustrated to the point that she felt she would never be glamorous is heartbreaking, but the performer is certainly proving her teenage self wrong.

Though prom-dress shopping may have been rough, and James admits that it hasn’t always been easy being smaller than most people, she credits her family for making her feel like she wasn’t different. “I would have moments where things would be more difficult because I’m a little person, but I grew up in a household where I was treated just like everybody else,” she said to SheKnows. “I grew up with brothers who would give me a hard time if I complained about anything. I would say I have a positive attitude toward life because my family loves me for who I am. They showed me that the sky is the limit.”

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That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have pet peeves about being a little person. James says she gets plenty of rude comments and is constantly being asked these seven questions on repeat:

Are your parents little?

Why are you little?

Where do you shop?

What’s the size of little men penises?

Is your boyfriend average size?

How do you drive a car?

Would your child be small?

Catch Jordanna James on Little Women: New York on Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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