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Glee‘s Mark Salling admits to injuring a woman, but the charges are bizarre

Glee star Mark Salling has just settled a lawsuit in the middle of a trial, and the details about the payout are completely bizarre.

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According to TMZ, the incident that landed Salling in hot water happened in 2011, when he hooked up with a woman identified as Roxanne Gorzela. Gorzela admits to having consented to have sex with the actor, but he reportedly refused to wear a condom and forced unprotected sex.

A few days later, she went to confront him about the incident, worried that she may have contracted an STD. But when Gorzela arrived at Salling’s apartment, things reportedly took a turn for the worse and the pair got into an altercation that left Gorzela with “severely injured” knees after Salling allegedly threw her to the ground.

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Gorzela sued for sexual battery, but the charges have since been dropped and she and Salling have settled, for a pretty massive six-figure sum, more than $2.7 million. Here’s where the lawsuit gets really bizarre, though: The only thing Salling has admitted to is negligently causing Gorzela to fall and injure herself, yet he has agreed to some serious damages.

According to TMZ, the damages include $666,000 for future medical bills, $64,155 for past medicals, $180,000 for past non-economic damages and a whopping $1.8 million for future non-economic damages (pain and suffering).

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Concentrate now, because here’s where it gets complicated.

Under the settlement, Gorzela is not able to claim the money from Salling himself; she’s only allowed to go after his insurance company State Farm, which already rejected the claim. But the settlement claim has now been signed by a judge and Salling will allegedly get “a cut of whatever Gorzela gets from State Farm,” TMZ reports.

Why, you ask? Because he reportedly believes that the insurance company owes him money for initially denying his claim in bad faith.

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