Cara Delevingne won’t be playing the sexy girlfriend on screen

She would “rather die” than play the dumb blonde or the sexy girlfriend but Cara Delevingne is prepared to fight for the best film roles. She also has to shake off the model-turned-actress tag — but we suspect she’ll manage it.

“Every movie I’ve done I’ve had to fight for lines and fight for point of view,” Delevingne told TimeOut. “Usually it’s a male director, male producers. It’s all very much a man’s point of view. I speak up and say ‘Girls don’t do that.’ Or ‘That’s not something a girl would say in that situation.’ It’s about how men perceive women and it’s not accurate and it annoys me! I don’t think people speak up enough. Even if I’m wrong, even if I get shut down, I know that I’ve done my part to get a woman’s voice out there. It’s important that when girls watch movies they’ve got strong female role models.”

This is the kind of attitude we need young female actresses to have. Feisty and ambitious but dedicated to creating female characters that are authentic, relevant and inspiring.

Time will tell whether Delevingne’s acting career is as lucrative as her modelling one. Acting is actually her first love (at 17 she was very close to landing the lead role in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, a part that went to Mia Wasikowska) but she was spotted by a model scout and we all know what happened next. Despite her hugely successful modelling career she says of her childhood ambitions, “All I knew was that I wanted to act and I wanted to do music.”

Delevingne stars in The Face of an Angel, which opens in U.K. cinemas this weekend, but the project everyone’s buzzing about is the upcoming film adaptation of Paper Towns, written by The Fault in Our Stars author John Green. Perhaps it will be the film to establish the 22-year-old as a bona fide actress — and help her continue her fight against typecasting.

Video credit: 20th Century Fox/YouTube

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