Ex-RHOM star’s excuse for breaking is the law is just ridiculous

Sunday was not a good day for former The Real Housewives of Miami star Ana Quincoces.

Quincoces was down in the Florida Keys, according to Keys Info Net, where she has apparently been spending enough time for the local sheriffs to get to know her.

During a domestic disturbance call to her ex-husband’s house, in which she allegedly barged in searching for his new girlfriend, the former lawyer-turned-cookbook-author was explicitly told by authorities that she was not to drive because her license had been suspended indefinitely.

Well, she was spotted behind the wheel of her vehicle, just hours later that same day, by the same officer who told her not to drive.

The officer then pulled her over and took her into custody, charging her with the misdemeanor of driving with a suspended license.

But it was the excuse the former The Real Housewives of Miami star gave that is hilarious and ridiculous. Quincoces has now come out saying the reason she got back behind the wheel, mere hours after authorities told her not to, was she was fleeing a house infested by cockroaches.

She has claimed she was staying in a home that has been listed by a real estate agent friend in Key Largo, but found when she got there that the home was full of cockroaches, and she just wanted to return to her home in Coral Gables. She claimed “she didn’t realize” her license was suspended and that it is a “computer glitch” and also said the officers were being “overzealous.”

Having gotten into a spat with the ex and the ex’s new flame just hours earlier, this sounds less like cockroaches and computer errors and more like a pissed off woman just wanting to get out of Dodge.

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