Harry Potter‘s Rupert Grint dressed in drag for fans

Tom Felton’s directorial debut is showcasing the most obsessive Harry Potter fans around, including some hilarious encounters with the stars themselves.

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The documentary called Tom Felton Meets the Superfans showcases not just the most Harry Potter-obsessed people in the world, but also delves deeper into why these people are so invested in the series.

“That’s something that literature or any art form [has]. It’s one of its most powerful effects is to tell everyone: ‘No, you’re not alone,'” author J.K. Rowling explained in the film. She added, “Whenever someone tells ’em that it helped them or that you got something through something, it is the most gratifying thing ever, isn’t it?”

Of course, with those inspiring stories also come some that will make you uncomfortable.

“I can remember being cornered in a public loo once,” Rowling recounted, “and thinking, ‘Could we not at least get out of here to do the photo? This isn’t good for any of us.'”

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Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, explained, “Having an obsession with a character is fine. I’m very comfortable with people being obsessed with Harry Potter and being obsessed with those films. I’m less comfortable with people being obsessed with me.”

The documentary introduces viewers to a range of Harry Potter fanatics, including a man who has J.K. Rowling’s signature tattooed on his arm and a woman who wants to marry Felton.

But Rupert Grint, who played Ron in the movies, had the most hilarious fan story of them all.

“I met this drag queen,” Grint explained, “and I ended up going back to her little flat with all her drag queen friends and I couldn’t say no. They dressed me up. We went to get bagels at 4 a.m. I was in full heels and a feather boa.”

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Grint added, “It was weird.”

And Radcliffe was amusingly surprised by the story, “Don’t include this interview. Don’t say to people that if you ask Rupert [Grint] for an autograph he’ll come around your f***ing house.”

In the end, Radcliffe has a sweet way of looking at fans, “It’s something in your life that other people find weird and wrong and you don’t get, but it gives you meaning.”

Would you consider yourself a Harry Potter superfan?

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