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10 Best Pretty Little Liars theories about ‘A,’ aka Charles

The Season 5 spring finale of Pretty Little Liars left our heads spinning.

“A” was, as promised, revealed. But in true Pretty Little Liars fashion, the information that Charles is Uber A just left us with more questions rather than actual answers. So we have a name, but we still don’t have a face or a history, which means the name really does nothing but make our brains hurt from thinking about theories.

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And after a night of stewing over all the possibilities, here are the most popular theories.

1. Jason DiLaurentis’ twin

As we saw in the flashback, Mrs. DiLaurentis was holding a baby while two similar-looking young boys played outside. While one did appear to be older than the other, the popular theory that has emerged is that Jason is the one with the twin. Executive producer I. Marlene King has, after all, teased that we won’t see The Twin Theory play out like it does in the books, but we will still see some sort of twin story line play into A.

2. A transgender character

There are many signs that point to A having gender identity issues. The Liars constantly refer to A as a he/she/it. Plus, all those mannequins in the dollhouse suggest maybe Uber A is more comfortable in that setting because mannequins also don’t have any specific reproductive organs.

3. Bethany

Here’s my caveat to the theory that Charles is Jason’s twin (see. No. 1). The flashback with Mrs. D just doesn’t make sense if that baby is Ali. Jason is supposedly seven years older than Ali, but those boys were maybe 4 or 5 years old. So either neither boy was Jason or that baby wasn’t Ali. It could be that the baby Mrs. D was cradling was actually Bethany and neither of the boys was Charles — because that baby was Bethany, who decided to become Charles (see No. 2).

4. Lucas

Lucas would definitely have the motivation to hate the Liars and Ali after being bullied for so many years. Plus, if he spent some time at Radley, that could explain why he’s in the same grade as the Liars even though Charles is supposed to be a few years older.

5. CeCe

Is CeCe short for Charles? We still don’t really know her tie to the whole story, other than she’s simply Ali’s friend. Could their connection run deeper?

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6. Wren

Another popular theory has Wren as Charles, because the age with Jason lines up. Still, Wren has been gone from the show (and actor Julian Morris is working on a full season of Hand of God) so the odds of him returning and playing a big role in the series seem super slim.

7. Charles isn’t a DiLaurentis

Just because we saw the two boys in the flashback, doesn’t mean they’re twins. After all, when Mrs. D said, “Come kiss your sister,” only one of the boys complied. It could be that Mrs. D was holding Bethany, and Charles is actually Bethany’s brother rather than Jason’s twin.

Of course, the problem with this theory is that anagram poem that spelled Charles DiLaurentis.

8. Andrew is working with “A”

Everyone seems to agree that Andrew doesn’t make sense as Charles because of how new he is to the show. Plus, his age. Still, he could be working with Charles. He definitely knows more than he’s letting on.

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9. Charles is further connected to the Liars than just through Ali

Here’s the thing: It doesn’t make sense for Charles to just be some long-lost brother to Ali. Otherwise, why would he hate the Liars so much? If he resented his family, that would be one thing, but why torment all the girls so fervently unless s/he is closely connected to the group. While my “Hanna could be A” theory makes less and less sense if A is, in fact, transgender, I still stand by the theory that it must be someone closely connected to the group. Otherwise, why terrorize them?

10. A is not transgender

There are also a lot of great points circling the internet that King wouldn’t make the villain of Pretty Little Liars transgender when she is so aware of the current struggle for transgender people in the world. The show has handled Emily’s lesbian story line with such grace that to suddenly turn around and make a transgender character the evil murderous one would be insensitive.

Plus, it would be problematic if Charles identified as a female because he revealed himself to Spencer as a man. If the transgender story line was accurate, wouldn’t he have wanted to be the prom queen instead of the king?

Which theories would you add to our list after that explosive Season 5 finale?

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