This mash-up of 88 dance scenes in 3 minutes is total perfection (VIDEO)

Mar 25, 2015 at 1:17 p.m. ET

This video is what your day is missing. Some genius combined every amazing dance scene you've even seen in a movie into three minutes and 18 seconds of pure joy.

As a die-hard Dirty Dancing fan, I was not disappointed, but even if you've never watched a so-called "dance" movie, you're still going to be obsessed with this video. Think Risky Business, Magic Mike, Big, Napoleon Dynamite, Happy Feet, Pulp Fiction... I won't ruin the rest.

You will hit replay. You will sing along and bob up and down in your chair. I dare you not to.

OK bye, I have to go watch this for the 50th time.


Tell us: What scenes did the video forget?

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