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Game of Thrones‘ Lena Headey opens up about her battle with depression

You may know her best as Game of Thrones‘ Cersei Lannister, but Lena Headey’s personal life is just as interesting as that of her character’s on the hit HBO series.

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During an interview with More magazine for its April issue, the British actress opened up about the emotional turmoil she’s faced in her life in recent years, including battling depression and going through a messy divorce with her ex-husband Peter Loughran back in 2012.

“It’s tough,” she said of her failed marriage. “There’s a lot of hurt and sadness and disappointment. Grief. Massive grief. It’s a mourning process, and yet nobody’s died.”

Headey also opened up about her past battles with depression, although she is fortunately in a better place in her life now, and that’s mainly thanks to her young son, Wylie.

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“I haven’t had a spell in a long time. I think some people’s brains are just wired that way if you’re a thinker,” she told the mag. “People who never get anxious always amaze me. The world could be breaking up and they’re saying, ‘Everything’s fine!’ Getting older and having kids, you learn how to become less serious about it all.”

Motherhood is clearly something the 300 actress has learned some valuable lessons from, and she’s currently pregnant with baby No. 2, although there is little known about the father. But that is exactly how Headey likes it; she wants the world to know as little about her private life as possible.

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And while she might not like to talk about her own life, Headey is definitely an opinionated woman who is not afraid to share her views, even if they sometimes get her into a little trouble.

“Sometimes you’re in a room that feels incredibly male-centric, which is hard,” she admitted. “I can’t play that game and sometimes women can be misread if they have strong opinions. I can be very blunt. There are moments when I should shh myself. But I won’t.”

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