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Jessa Duggar reveals which sister she shares the closest bond with (VIDEO)

19 Kids and Counting stars Jessa Duggar and her younger sister Jinger have a very special bond, and hearing about it will make you want to call up your own sister and tell her just how much you love her.

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During a preview clip of Tuesday night’s 19 Kids and Counting: All About Jessa, Jessa revealed that out of all of her sisters she has the closest bond with Jinger.

“I’m really close to all of my sisters, but especially to Jinger. We’ve just always been best of friends,” Jessa said.

Family matriarch Michelle Duggar then weighed in on her girls’ relationship, explaining how inseparable they have been since Jinger’s birth (they were born only 412 days apart).

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“They pray together. They talk a lot. They bounce a lot of ideas off each other,” Michelle explains in the preview. “They are motivated people, both of them. They like to get a job done.”

And Jinger feels the same way about her older sister, confessing that they are definitely “besties,” even though their personalities are totally different. It is actually one of the reasons Jinger believes they work so well together.

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“Jessa’s more of like a leader, and I don’t like to be the one in charge with everything on my plate. I kinda just like to follow people,” Jinger said.

If you have a sister, you will know just how special and unbreakable that bond is, and it’s a wonderful thing to see just how well Jinger and Jessa get on.

Watch the video below.

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