Fifty Shades steamy alternate endings that could be on the DVD release

Mar 24, 2015 at 7:18 p.m. ET
Image: Universal Pictures/Focus Features

The Fifty Shades of Grey unrated DVD will feature an alternate ending that promises to satisfy your curiosity.

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The problem is that you'll have to stew in your wondering until the release May 1, since the film is keeping the details of the alternate ending under wraps.

But don't worry, we've got you covered with some speculation about the unrated scenes.

1. Ana goes home and cries

The book's ending is much more drawn out than the movie. It follows Ana (Dakota Johnson) all the way home as she sobs at having to leave Christian (Jamie Dornan). It's a lot less steamy elevator stares and a lot more blinding tears and wailings.

The alternate ending could drag Anastasia's breakup tears out for another few minutes, but we really hope this isn't the direction the DVD is going. The condensed ending with the elevator is actually much more concise and effective than the book.

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2. Christian stays with her in bed

In the book, Christian doesn't leave so much distance between the two of them after her spanking. Instead, he actually gets in bed with her and holds her when she admits she loves him.

In the alternate ending, it's possible they will incorporate this moment and have a much more intimate scene between the two of them for their last time in the bedroom together (in the first film, that is).

3. Christian doesn't let her leave the elevator

While in the book, Christian does let her leave. The alternate ending could shake things up by having Christian stop the elevator before the doors actually close. Think about it: She gets in the elevator. The doors start to close. She says "Christian" just before the doors slide shut. But with just a crack left, the elevator doors stop. And the camera pans out to reveal Christian's hand holding them open. "Ana," he says. And then grabs her in a passionate embrace. They could stay in the elevator during the make-out session, which would still mirror the beginning of the film when he abandons his rules for the first time in the elevator.

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4. Christian in the aftermath

It could also be that instead of showing Ana in the aftermath, like the books, the movie's alternate ending could choose to stay on Christian. While we don't think Christian would shed tears or throw a fit, perhaps it's more about showing that he isn't going to give in. Instead, it would make sense that he would call Taylor and maybe say something like, "I have a task for you," proving that he isn't letting Ana go so easily.

The Fifty Shades of Grey DVD will be released May 1.


Which steamy alternate ending do you want to see on the unrated DVD?