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Why did Jessie J go mad at her fans on Twitter?

Jessie J normally keeps quiet about affairs of the heart but now that she’s all loved up with artist boyfriend Luke James she wants the world to know he’s a keeper. Oh, and that you cross him at your peril…

Ah, God bless Twitter. As a platform for a good old celebrity rant you can’t beat it. Last week it was Jessie J getting all riled up about her fans being less than loving towards her boyfriend Luke James. The 26-year-old has admitted in the past that she sees Twitter as her “own platform to set the record straight” and that’s exactly what she did.

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Luckily Jessie’s not so cross with her fans that she’s going to stop giving them all sorts of treats. She loves a surprise gig, does Jessie, and yesterday she flew back to the U.K. from Australia, for a mere 24 hours, to perform on an open top London bus as part of McDonald’s imlovinit campaign.

Jessie J plays on open top London bus as part of McDonald's imlovinit campaign

Photo credit: McDonald’s/Facebook

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