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Blake Shelton’s new video is going to cause a yeast infection outbreak (VIDEO)

Blake Shelton released a new teaser for his “Sangria” music video, and let’s just be real: it made my vagina itch.

While I was feeling slightly uncomfortable sitting in my chair, others weren’t experiencing the same phenomena:

Now, before I go on, let me say I am not one to turn down relaxing bath time or a tub of wine. Yes, the girl in the video does look hot, and I may or may not have considered a sangria bath myself (it was a quick, passing thought). But people, we’re on the verge of a huge epidemic here. You know Shelton’s new video will cause a few adventurous ladies to stock up on four-buck chuck, submerge themselves in wine and, consequently, rush to the gyno the next day with inflamed lady parts.

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Here are the facts: Bathing in a tub full of sangria is most likely not good for your health. First, there’s the fact that you could get way too drunk sipping and floating at the same time (plus, I question how sanitary that is), but the major problem is the effect it can have on your precious vagina. According to SheKnows Expert Dr. Shilpi Agarwal, “red wine contains alcohol that can dehydrate skin, especially the delicate mucous membranes of the vaginal canal. This type of a bath can also alter the pH levels of the vagina, making women more susceptible to yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.” But wait, it gets worse. “Also, keep in mind that wine can easily stain skin and hair, so if your skin is very fair you may have darkening or pigmenting of vulvar skin and the pubic area. This bath might sound like fun, but you could end up developing vaginal irritation and/or itching so I would not recommend it.”

Boom, people! I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. No body wants a discolored vulva.

So sure, indulge yourself by watching the teaser video. Maybe even run a bath for yourself, light some candles and drink a bottle of wine. But please, for the love of your vag, do not swap bath salts for sugary alcohol; then again, if you do, you can tell your friends your yeast infection is Blake Shelton’s fault.

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Watch Blake Shelton’s “Sangria” teaser video now: 

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