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Beyoncé’s dance moves can never live up to this mom-daughter duo (VIDEO)

No one can deny Beyoncé’s monster performance ability, but it looks like the pop titan just got one-upped by a mother-daughter dancing duo that tackled her single “7/11” on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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In the viral video, which has already nabbed over 523,000 views on YouTube, Ellen regulars Tianne King and her 4-year-old daughter Heaven took to the show once again to show off their slick dance moves, and we’ve got to say their choreography is way more impressive than the silly stuff that Bey does in the official video. During the minute-and-a-half routine, the duo offered viewers an interpretive routine loosely based on the song’s lyrics. With matching hairstyles and cheek-to-cheek smiles, the performance is everything that a mother and daughter performance should be and more. Audience members roared with applause and delivered a standing ovation after their routine, but it was their handshake that really served as the icing on the cake.

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DeGeneres spoke with the pint-size extraordinaire after the performance and she decided to talk about most things that 4-year-olds talk about like her, you know, canine brother. “I have a brother in my family and I miss him out here today. He’s not a human. He’s a puppy,” she told the host.

Tianne and Heaven are no stranger to viral fame, as the duo hit an all-time high on the blogosphere when Heaven was just 2 years old. You might remember the video where Tianne was working on her routine to Bey’s “End of Time” and little ol’ Heaven was in the background soaking up all the moves like a sponge. It’s times like these that I ask myself, “Where did I go wrong?”

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What do you think of this mother-daughter dancing duo? Did they score your seal of approval? Tell us below.

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