The Fosters car crash: Characters most likely to be nixed from the show

Mar 24, 2015 at 12:44 p.m. ET
Image: ABC Family

A lot went down on The Fosters' spring finale. But while Mariana's dance and Connor's coming out to his father were fun to watch, the real drama sits in a totaled car in the middle of the street. We know there's one fatality, but who will it be?

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Mariana is least likely

From an entertainment standpoint, Mariana is The Fosters worst option to kill off. By having her, the driver, survive, we leave her open to a seasons-long court battle and the guilt of dealing with another person's death. And if that person should be Jesus? Game over: That will never not be in her story line. She's also come the farthest as a person this season. To rip her away now would be totally uncool.

From a logical standpoint, Mariana's death also makes the least amount of sense. She was on the other side of the car, furthest from the impact.

Jesus could be on his way out

While it seems unlikely that either twin will die, if it does come to that, Jesus (Jake T. Austin) is our bet. First, as previously mentioned, it offers up the most plot devices for coming seasons: Mariana's guilt, everyone dealing with Jesus' loss, etc. He was also on the side of the car that was hit, offering him the least amount of protection from the impact. Even the unnamed driver had more of a cushion than Jesus.

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We would also be remiss not to mention the tweets Austin sent out yesterday during the finale. Many people believe his goodbye is just a tease to throw everyone off. However, Austin has seen his fair share of legal trouble lately. Between a DUI and then a hit-and-run, it's possible ABC Fam thinks it's time to cut their losses with the young actor.


While it seems likely that Austin is on his way out, that doesn't mean Jesus has to be. ABC Fam could be the old soap opera move of having him be emotionally or physically a mess after the accident, send him off to boarding school and away from the trouble only to have him return with a new actor.

Reality check: The other driver will probably die

Let's be real, though: ABC Family is too smart to kill off a main character. People are actually invested in Jesus and Mariana's lives... even when they're both being super obnoxious. The last thing they want to do is anger their fans. And, as we know from previous experience, nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

Case in point: Brandon's hand is totally fine now. Plus, leaving both twins alive still offers plenty of drama in the upcoming season. Mariana will feel to blame for the other driver's death because she was behind the wheel. Jesus will feel responsible for letting her drive. There will no doubt be court battles. And, we imagine, their choices will go on to negatively affect everyone in the family... including Stef and Lena and their ability to adopt/foster.

Are we right? Looks like we'll have to wait a few months until The Fosters returns this summer.

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