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Shay Mitchell just answered PLL fans’ biggest question (EXCLUSIVE)

The moment has come. It took nearly half a decade, but rumor has it we loyal Pretty Little Liars fans will be learning the identity of the mysterious A during the Season 5 finale. As for Shay Mitchell, who rocks it each week on the show as Emily, well, she’s got a secret… and she can’t entirely keep it.

Since the show first began airing in 2010, Mitchell maintained that she didn’t want to know who A was — she wanted to prolong discovering that identity for as long as possible.

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And, my friends, that time has finally arrived. When asked if it was safe to say that Mitchell now knows the identity of A, the 27-year-old actress all but admits our long-suffering anticipation is about to be over.

“Possibly… yes. I mean, I think there could be truth in that. We wouldn’t lie, would we? Yeah, the fans are definitely going to be pleasantly surprised tomorrow,” she teased, laughing, “And that’s all I can say about that.”

So… who is it? Could it be Hanna, as we posited recently? Or does “A” stand for Andrew, as we’ve secretly suspected for quite some time.

Mitchell is staying mum, but that’s not all she shared about the finale.

The initial reaction she registered upon reading the script for the season-ending episode was pure shock — and disbelief. “I think everybody’s thoughts were like, ‘No, no way. No. You did not take it there. No way. No.’ Like, just continuous nos to all the writers,” she explained.

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And it isn’t just A’s identity fans will want to tune in for. Mitchell says every facet of the episode is revelatory.

“It’s such an exciting episode,” she gushed. “I’m so excited for everybody to see it, because it’s not just the story line that’s amped up — it’s the costumes, the set. Everything is like nothing we’ve ever seen.”

So if you thought last week’s episode when Emily, Aria and Spencer got booked and joined Hanna and Alison behind bars was shocking, well, brace yourselves for what’s yet to come.

Although, ironically, says Mitchell, getting thrown in the clink was a welcome change of pace for the girls — albeit not so much for their characters.

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She said, “All of us girls were excited because, actually, those orange jumpsuits are very comfortable. We’re all fans of Orange Is the New Black, so to be able to wear their official costume for that show, we were pretty stoked. And there wasn’t that much time in hair and makeup, so we were lovin’ it!”

If all the Liars do survive the finale, could their dreams of a life beyond Rosewood finally come true?

With Spencer visiting Oxford, Aria accepted to SCAD and Hanna considering several collegiate offers, where might Emily go if A were out of the picture?

According to Mitchell, nowhere near there. “I think she’d be on an island far, far away with absolutely no form of technology and she would be enjoying her life over there,” she said, laughing. “I think all of the girls would love that, you know?”

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