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Once Upon a Time: 14 Clues August is about to die (VIDEO)

Listen, no one is happier than we are that August (Eion Bailey) is back on Once Upon a Time, but considering what they’ve already done to him (and Emma), we think his days are numbered. Here’s why.

1. He’s the closest thing Emma has to a brother

ouat baby august gif


So of course that means he has to die. After all, poor Emma can’t seem to have too many people get close to her without losing them.

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2. Killing him might be the final straw

ouat emma gif


Thanks to Ursula, we now know that Rumple’s endgame is to turn Emma’s heart black. She’s been through a lot and lost people close to her, including Neal. It’s possible that losing the person who is basically her big brother could send her over that edge.

3. It’s easier to kill August than Hook

ouat hook gif


Killing Hook would definitely be one way to possibly turn Emma’s heart dark, but it would also be one heck of a way to enrage about a billion fangirls. Bringing August back could fulfill that same purpose, while keeping everyone’s favorite pirate alive.

4. He and Emma share a special bond

ouat emma august gif


Whether you privately ship them or if you just dig their brotherly/sisterly vibes, there’s no denying that Emma and August have a bond. What better way to crank up the angst than by killing him off?

5. They basically already killed him anyway

ouat pinocchio gif


After all that he had been through, to have the show turn him back into a boy seemed cruel and unusual. It was as if they didn’t want August around so they found the next best way to “kill” him off.

6. It might be better than being turned into wood again

ouat august wood gif


Poor August. How many times has he been turned into wood? Each time seems more painful than the last and yet it keeps happening over and over. Maybe it would be kinder to just kill him off. Jeesh.

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7. It would break our hearts

ouat august saddest gif


Come on, we all know that Once Upon a Time has a particular knack for breaking the hearts of its fans. Killing August would certainly do that.

8. He represents the human side of all of us

ouat not perfect gif


We know August is not perfect and he’s made a lot of mistakes, not the least of which was leaving baby Emma. But the funny thing is, for a guy who was born from a boy made of wood, he represents the flawed humanity within all of us. Maybe his death would be symbolic of something about to happen in Storybrooke.

9. It would be the final chapter of his sad story

ouat real gif


Little Pinocchio/August has had a rough life since day one. First he was a wooden boy who wanted nothing more than to be real. Then, after he got his wish, he was forced into an enchanted tree and tasked with taking care of a baby. From there things got worse until he was turned back into a child and all of his memories wiped. That might have been an OK fate, but then he was kidnapped, turned back into a human, tied up, threatened with fire, turned back into wood and had his nose used as a lie detector. If anyone deserves a happy ending at this point, it’s August, but that just might not be in the cards for him.

10. We would miss his smile

ouat august smile


Just look at that sweet smile. We haven’t exactly gotten to see it that much as August has been in pain more than he’s been happy on the show, but we’d still miss it.

11. He’s not looking well

ouat damaged gif


After the rescue in the most recent episode “Poor Unfortunate Soul,” Snow and David had to help August out of the cabin. Later, he was seen unconscious on the couch. He’d just been through an ordeal so it could have just been exhaustion, but it felt suspicious.

12. The timing would be perfectly awful

ouat august loneliest


Emma and August were so happy to see each other again in the most recent episode when she and her parents rescued him. Wouldn’t it be just like the show to bring him back only to kill him?

13. August’s deathbed?

ouat wisest gif


Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen the preview for the next episode, “Best Laid Plans.” In the preview, Emma is seen sitting at someone’s bedside and a pause at just that moment shows that it could be an adult man. Could it be August? Could Rumple’s spell have harmed him more than anyone knows yet?

14. Why does Emma need a hug?

ouat emma sad gif


In the preview, Emma is also seen looking pretty upset and getting a big hug from Hook. Sure, there are a million reasons this could be happening, including her parents’ betrayal. But it could also point to something awful happening to August.

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Check out the preview of “Best Laid Plans” below and see if you can spot any hints about August’s fate.

Do you think Once Upon a Time is going to kill off August?

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