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Kerry Washington’s speech on equality deserves all the applause (VIDEO)

Slow clap for Kerry Washington.

The Scandal star was the winner of the Vanguard Award at the 2015 GLAAD Awards, an award given to a person who has been a significant ally of the LGBT community.

The speech she delivered brought the house to its feet several times and for good reason. What she said was one of the most well-spoken, poignant and true speeches about equality and human rights I’ve personally ever heard.

She began by thanking Ellen DeGeneres, and then said, “I’m going to say some stuff, and I might be preaching to the choir, but I’m going to say it. Not just for us, but because on Monday morning people are going to click a link hear what that woman from Scandal said at that award show, and so I think some stuff needs to be said.”

There are so many good quotes from this speech that I couldn’t even begin to pick one or two out as the best. You’ll just have to listen to the whole thing and be amazed for yourself.

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